The latest after a deadly attack on journalists in Maryland. The alleged gunman is now facing 5 first-degree murder charges. Police say Jarrod Ramos targeted The Capital Gazette in Annapolis Thursday - shooting his way into the newsroom before being arrested by police. Police say he killed 4 journalists and a staffer. A sweeping data privacy bill has been approved in California. Experts are calling it the nation's most far-reaching law to give consumers more control over their personal data. Under the law - customers can request what personal data companies have collected and what third parties have received it. California residents will also be able to ask companies to delete their info. It is similar to the data privacy regulations that went into effect in the e-u this year. It takes effect January 1st, 2020. Airbnb is finally planning for an IPO. CEO and co-founder Brian Chesky said his target to go public was 2020 at the latest. The company is ten years old, and employees are reportedly frustrated it is not yet publicly traded. Airbnb founders have little incentive to go public because they've reportedly cashed in on at least $350 million worth of equity.