For Paris Hilton, 2021 is the year of the reset.
After being home for over a year as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the businesswoman and DJ is jumping behind the botanical supplement R3SET.
Hilton invested in the company and was brought on as chief inspiration officer after learning about the brand during the filming of her 2020 documentary This is Paris.
"I was exhausted and the photographer, Brendan Forbes, said to me, 'I have these supplements called R3SET, and they're amazing,'" she told Cheddar. 
Hilton says the company aims to revitalize energy, enhance sleep, and reduce overall stress with its product line.
"The feedback we're getting back from everyone, all the consumers that have used it, everyone is loving it, and I really believe that 2021 is the year of reset and that's why it has the perfect name."
Hilton said she also found the filming and release of the documentary to be therapeutic and stress relieving as it gave her a chance to be vulnerable and tell her own truth. It's joined by another one of her big projects, a new podcast of the same name where she holds intimate conversations with friends for iHeart Radio, which premiered the show in February.
"I'm having the best time on there. I'm so used to being the one being interviewed, so it's amazing now to turn the tables and be the one asking the questions," she said.
"I love how it's not like an interview, it's like a conversation between friends, and every time my friends come on the show, everyone feels so comfortable to talk about things they would never talk about with an interviewer."
The entrepreneur wasn't just focused on making money moves during the course of the pandemic; love was in the air throughout. In February, Hilton and her venture capitalist fiancé Carter Reum were engaged to be married.
"I always try to see the silver lining in everything, and that silver lining for me is just being able to be at home with my love and really just get to focus on the things that are important to me [and] change a lot of my priorities," she said.
For the OG Paris Hilton fan, she has partnered with Mike Darnell, creator of the 2003 reality show The Simple Life and now an executive at Warner Bros., on a new project that will focus on the next phase of her life. 
"I love sharing my platform with others, and I'm just excited to have this platform to be able to create content that's interesting, that's important, and things that I really think are entertaining and that people are really going to enjoy," Hilton added.