Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student Kyle Kashuv says he's changed his viewpoint on gun control after witnessing such a tragedy in his community. Cheddar's Hope King and Baker Machado speak with Kashuv one day after the 16-year-old student met with Florida legislators.

"Something has to be done," says Kashuv. "There shouldn't be school shootings. This should never happen. Parents should feel safe sending their kids to school, and we have to make a change. That's why I think--both parties it's a bipartisan issue now."

Kashuv says even though it's only been a week, the movement to change gun laws needs to keep the pressure going so the issue won't get swept under the rug like it has been after every other mass shooting.

"It's absolutely amazing to see people from all different parts of the country come together, and work tirelessly to make a change," says Kashuv.