Patrick Reed on What it Feels Like to Win the Green Jacket

April 9, 2018

Golfer Patrick Reed defied all expectations to win his first major championship at the Masters in Augusta, Ga., over the weekend.

“It was a dream come true,” Reed told Cheddar Monday. “Every child growing up who is a golfer and loved golf was always on the putting green saying, ‘Alright this is up and down to win the Masters’

“To actually have that happen, it was a surreal moment.”

The 27-year-old beat out Rickie Fowler, 2015 champ Jordan Spieth, and former world #1 Rory McIlroy, who was aiming to seal a career grand slam.

“Something that I’ve struggled with in the past is...I thought of them as majors and made them so big and put so much pressure on myself,” said Reed.

This time around, though, he said he stuck to one mantra: “Just go out and play golf.”

But beyond the tough competition, Reed faced a tough crowd. His brazen personality has long antagonized golf fans, many of whom were rooting for others in the lineup instead.

And he had history to contend with. Going into the Masters, many were hoping Tiger Woods would pull off what would be the greatest comeback in sports history. But finishing tied for 32nd place, Woods didn’t even come close to the top spot and mentioned he’d take a breather before competing again.

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