A reboot of the popular comedy series "The Office" isn't out of the realm of possibility, said Paul Lieberstein, one of the show's writers, producers, and a supporting cast member.

"I guess it's possible," said Lieberstein Monday in an interview with Cheddar at the Tribeca Film Festival. "I think that there is some talk about a reboot, but it may be a completely new cast or possibly more a spin-off type feel than a reboot."

Lieberstein, who played the beleaguered human resources manager Toby Flenderson on "The Office," is making his first foray into feature filmmaking with "Song of Back and Neck," inspired by his own struggle with chronic back pain.

"After working so many years in television, I wanted to just try, and this was what I was thinking about on a daily basis," said Lieberstein.

Starring Paul Feig, Rosemarie DeWitt, and Brian d'Arcy James, "Song of Back and Neck" was to have its premier Monday at Tribeca.

Those cast members also talked to Cheddar on Monday about what it was like to work on the comedy. Watch the discussion here.

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