Paying Your Rent While Raising Your Credit

Maia Bittner, Co-Founder of Pinch, joins Cheddar to discuss why she started a business that helps Americans gain access to traditional financial services. Pinch connects to your bank account, mails a check to your landlord by your rent due date and then reports the payment to credit bureaus in hopes to build your credit.

The company has raised $1.5 million and is using word of mouth right now to spread the word. Users pay a $6 fee each month and Pinch makes sure your rent payments count toward your credit score. Bittner says she can't give an exact number that it may raise your score, but clients have reported an increse in their credit score after using Pinch.

On top of running a business, Bittner is passionate about creating an equal workplace culture for women. She says the hiring process is fundamentally wrong and works to try to bring candidates into the company who may not have 100% fit the job description.

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