Pharrell Williams' imprint on culture goes far beyond just his musical accolades. When it comes to culture and fashion, it could be argued that he is just as impactful as the likes of Ye West and Virgil Abloh. But after amassing over 20 years' worth of stuff from various fashion collaborations and passion purchases, he's ready to give up some of his most prized possessions as he treks down a path into a new era.
Rather than link up with a prestigious and well-known auction house, Williams is launching his own platform to get his goods directly to buyers. The platform, Joopiter, currently has numerous items featured, including his iconic gold-plated Blackberry and an iced out Bape G-Shock watch. The auction is expected to go live soon. 
While the platform will initially only list Williams' items for sale, it will eventually be the host location for other curators looking to sell off their collections.
"@joopiteronline is about letting go of the past. I am setting myself free for the beginning of a new era," Williams said in a tweet.
He also told the Financial Times that clearing his storage units and preparing the items for auction has been an "enlightening experience" and spiritually rich. While he plans to let go of some of his favorite pieces, he said it's simply creating the foundation for him to continue trailblazing in both music and fashion.
"You know, myself, Kanye, Virgil…we're all on the front lines, helping to get some of those old spirits to wake up," he said. "Woke scares people sometimes, but damn, I'd rather be woke than asleep."
Willaims has pushed the envelope in fashion and has created successful brands in Billionaire Boys Club and Icecream and has had successful collaborations with legacy brands like Adidas and Louis Vuitton. 
When asked if he would miss any of the items he was auctioning off, he said he wouldn't.
"I was born without it," he said. "And when I die I won't have it, right?"