Internet TV platform Philo officially launched in the U.S. on Tuesday. The streaming service costs just $16 a month for its base package, with no sports or broadcast channels. Channels in the Philo bundle include AMC, Comedy Central, HGTV, and Cheddar! Cheddar Founder and CEO Jon Steinberg speaks with Philo CEO Andrew McCollum on the day of its launch. McCollum says the Philo platform is an entertainment, lifestyle, and knowledge-focused package of channels. Philo was started six years ago at Harvard, with athe goal of building a better TV experience. McCollum says he navigated streaming deals by pitching the opportunity to collaborate on the product itself. In 2018, Philo plans to add social engagement features to the platform. McCollum told Cheddar, "TV is the most social form of media that's out there." While most TV's don't have any social functionality today, McCollum says he wants to change that.