No one can tell the future with 100 percent certainty, but Pinterest believes it has insights into what we will be wearing, doing, and eating in 2022. 
The company combed through millions of searches to determine the top trends next year for its annual Pinterest Predicts report, which it said boasts an 80 percent accuracy rate. Its finds included the resurgence of goth fashion, decorating your home with your pandemic pet in mind, and the rise of "alt bashes," parties that celebrate life's quirky moments from divorces to empty nesters. People had a penchant for looking for road trips and nighttime vacation activities, as well as curved furniture. And, wellness was top of mind, whether that was working on interpersonal relationships or understanding how to communicate about our bodies. 
Pinterest head of core research Larkin Brown joined Cheddar News' Michelle Castillo to discuss this year's report.