David Siders, reporter for Politico, breaks down how Steve Wynn's resignation as RNC Finance Chair might affect Donald Trump and the GOP as a whole. Siders doesn't expect it to be a game changer.

Paul Ryan will donate contributions received from a Steve Wynn linked group following allegations of sexual misconduct against the casino mogul. Siders believes the biggest impact will be felt in Wynn's home state of Nevada where Senator Dean Heller (R-NV) is running in a tough race for re-election. Wynn has personally endorsed Heller's campaign. Since the allegations surfaced, Heller also pledged to donate contributions received from Wynn to charity.

Siders isn't sure this news will impact voters across the country since Wynn isn't very well known outside of Nevada. Siders says Wynn's resignation won't matter too much because the GOP will just find another wealthy person to take the chair.