By Samantha Errico

Social commerce platform Poshmark caters to the next generation of shoppers by allowing you to discover, purchase, connect, and sell all in the same place. However, the retail site is moving beyond what's in your closet. The company announced Tuesday the launch of Home Market.

With a combination of user's interest in home decor and their marketplace, Posh Markets, Poshmark's Home Market was born.

"We follow our customers," Manish Chandra, the company's founder and CEO, said Tuesday when asked about stepping into a new lane.

Poshmark has become a leading social shopping community since launching eight years ago. The platform already has 75 million listings in apparel, shoes, and accessories. With the launch of Home Market, the platform can offer a bigger selection and appeal to a wider audience.

"There is a lot of interactions that happen in home that are different than fashion," Chandra said.

Poshers can now discover home inspirations and share their interior style preferences. Posh Market inventory will include categories such as wall art, bedding, bath, office, and storage.