"Without a CEO in Uber's driver's seat, the ride-hailing app's future had a giant question mark on it. After selecting Expedia CEO Dara Khosrowshahi, things have become a little clearer. Dan Primack, Business Editor at Axios, was with us to paint a picture of what it'll be like for Khosrowshahi to walk into Uber's doors on Day 1. Considered the Dark Horse of the group, Khosrowshahi emerged as the pick over frontrunners Jeff Immelt of GE, and Meg Whitman of HP Enterprise. So how did he jump to the front of the line? Primack says, ""maybe everybody got over some of their childish gripes with one another, and acted like adults, and picked a well-respected, smart CEO of a public company…"" So who is Uber really getting as its new CEO? Primack highlights that Khosrowshahi's experience as a Fortune 500 CEO is a plus for Uber, should it ever IPO. On top of that, Khosrowshahi's strong track record at Expedia could translate well at Uber, which has made deals with China's Didi Chuxing and Russia's Yandex. "