The Private Suite at LAX, an exclusive terminal serving all commercial airlines, allows for travelers to enjoy private security and a stress-free airport experience while traveling through the Los Angeles International Airport. Private Security expert Gavin de Becker sits down with Alyssa Julya Smith in Los Angeles to explain why the private suite has become so popular and what makes it so exclusive. He explains that members enter LAX through a special gate, and are welcomed into the compound where they can work or relax while all travel and baggage needs are handled by The Private Suite. Members also get to go through a private TSA screening, on-site Customs and Immigration processing, and direct transportation across the tarmac to their aircraft in BMW 7-Series sedans. The private suite is not for everyone, and can cost thousands of dollars for a single stay, plus the cost of membership. Gavin explains that he has worked with celebrities and heads of state and this gives them a safe haven to retreat from paparazzi cameras and the stress of the airport.