By Tracey Cheek

There's a new mixed-martial arts league on the block.

The Professional Fighters League ー or PFL ー is wrapping up its inaugural season with a championship match on New Year's Eve.

According to Peter Murrary, the CEO of the league, the match's purse, $1 million, is a major draw for athletes ー money talks, and can mark achievement.

“There have only been under 10 athletes in the history of MMA that have earned that much money as a payout in a single fight," Murray told Cheddar. “That is our way to advance the sport, to recognize these athletes, and give an opportunity on a major stage.”

The PFL had achieved some noteworthy goals during its first season. The league recently partnered with fantasy and sports book platform DraftKings for a pick-em’-game, in which fans can choose who they think will win each fight ー and how and when the fight will end. Murray said a sports betting partnership helps PFL “game-ify” the experience.

“Fans can actually pick their favorite fighters, different outcomes, compete against one another, and also earn a payout,” he said.

“So, we’ll pay $25,000 in total to winning fans, and not only do they get a great experience watching at home or at the theater they can actually earn some money ーand maybe even some bragging rights.”

The PFL championship will be held at the Hulu Theatre at Madison Square Garden on New Year’s Eve.

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