Uber came under fire this summer after it was revealed the ride-sharing app continued to track users' locations up to five minutes after they had completed their ride. But Uber is not the only app guilty of tracking user info, location, and data. That's why Yuvraj Agarwal has dedicated his research to addressing this security concern. The assistant professor in the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University joins Cheddar to discuss his new app, "Protect My Privacy." The tech works between the user's data and the applications. The issue is that many apps share their full data with third-party libraries. These libraries can then use this information as they please. Agarwal sees this as a concern for personal privacy. While all consumers might not be bothered by it, he feels they should at least have a choice about opting in. As it stands now, millions of smartphone users believe they are securing their personal information, when in reality, they are not.