CEO of PS Dept. Michelle Goad and strategic consultant Sarah Fiszel joined Cheddar live on set to talk about their company, which many are calling the Uber of personal shopping. The PS Dept. app matches consumers with personal shoppers who are on call to provide them with practically any item within the luxury fashion space. The shoppers are also offered suggestions based on their clients’ style preferences and are able to scour various stores to deliver items within a matter of days. After Macy’s and Kohl’s reported less-than-stellar earnings earlier in the week, PS Dept. is looking to become more accessible to consumers than the department store experience which is oftentimes overwhelming. “The PS Dept. model takes fashion and moves it towards a more user friendly place,” said Goad. She noted that the app’s target client is the “luxury millennial” who is typically around the age of 25 to 37-years-old. If you are a store with a difficult return policy and inventory is not current, there is a problem, according to Fiszel, who is also an investor in PS. Dept. “Retail has to be of the moment. In my opinion, if you’re receiving Fall now in stores, and we haven’t even seen Spring or Summer, there is something wrong with that model. I think we will see a shift,” said Fiszel.