Jon Greenberg, Staff Writer at Politifact, breaks down what you need to know about President Trump's executive order on healthcare. Greenberg says if left to operate on their own, the Obamacare exchanges are not collapsing as often claimed. He says these moves by the current administration will put a lot of pressure on Obamacare. By cutting particular subsidiaries with this executive order, it actually only hurts taxpayers. Plus, is the U.S. the highest taxed nation like Trump says? Greenberg says that claim is false and that we're actually in the middle of the pack. And even though we do have one of the highest corporate tax rates, when you factor in all the tax breaks given to companies, the U.S. ends up landing in the middle of the pack again. Greenberg believes we just don't have enough details on Trump's tax policy to make an educated decision on its benefits.