Wake Up With Cheddar is getting a fresh new look and a top-notch team of anchors to bring you the biggest news of the day. It's time to get acquainted with the anchors that make news magic daily, so we have some Q&As to help you get to know the team.
Alicia Quarles comes to Cheddar News with an extensive background in entertainment and lifestyle reporting and editing. Chances are, if you are a pop culture news junkie, like many of us are, then there's a very good chance you're already familiar with her work across a number of platforms.
Q: Where were you prior to joining the team at Cheddar?
Alicia: I'm still currently with Daily Mail and also with Good Morning America 3. So, hopefully, I'll be able to do it all!
Q: So working on GMA3 and Wake Up With Cheddar, at this point I imagine that you've gotten used to waking up very early.
Alicia: I don't think you ever get used to waking up so early in the morning. But I think when you do what you love, once you get going, it really doesn't feel like work. Once I get out the door, I'm good!
Q: What would you say has been the biggest accomplishment of your career so far?
Alicia: Starting behind the scenes, I wrote for the Associated Press for years and then transferred to TV. So I think being able to be a journalist that can do it all — I'm really proud of that. You can put me on, and I can anchor, but I can also write a story and break news. Survival skills!
Q: What are some other things that you love outside of the news?
Alicia: I love animals. Love, love, love dogs. I love terriers. I love fashion, I love shopping — all of that. And then, I love hanging out with my friends, the movies! Oh, and my family is important to me.
Q: Do you have a favorite travel destination?
Alicia: Iceland, by far! You can be driving and see black sand beaches and then you go 10 minutes later and see beautiful volcanoes that are covered in ice. The terrain is like no other. It's just phenomenal.

This or That: 

We also asked Alicia a few rapid-fire questions in hopes of getting to know our new Wake Up With Cheddar crew just a little better.
This or That:
Q: Seafood or Steak?
Alicia: Seafood! I want the lobster. Give me the lobster! 
Q: Breaking Bad or The Wire?
Alicia: Oh my god! I haven't seen either!
"Breaking Bad" fans and "The Wire" stans, please be easy on our new anchor! 
Q: Rainy Day or Sunny Day?
Alicia: Sunny day, for sure!
Q: Day at the beach or picnic in the park?
Alicia: Beach!
Get to know the rest of the Wake Up With Cheddar team: