Wake Up With Cheddar is getting a fresh new look today and a top-notch team of anchors to bring you the biggest news of the day. It's time to get acquainted with the anchors that make news magic happen every single day, so we'll be bringing you some Q&As to help you get to know the team.
If you've tuned into any of Wake Up With Cheddar or our Between Bells newscast, then you are probably familiar with veteran host Baker Machado, who has been with us since 2017. Despite his role as a morning news anchor, if you ask Baker, he's no different than the rest of us, struggling to get a move-on in the morning.

Q: Do you ever get used to waking up before the crack of dawn?

Baker: Every time I get up, I'm always like, "How the hell am I up right now at 3:40 in the morning?" The funniest thing is, before the pandemic I would take a rideshare to the office and it would be so funny because people that were going home from a night out at the club [would see me] and they would say to me, "Oh where are you coming from?" and I'm just like "I'm going to work. Where are you coming from?"

Q: Outside of news, what are some of your favorite hobbies?

Baker: I'm really into cooking. I love cooking and I really picked that up a lot during the pandemic. I've also become a really good mixologist. One of the worst parts of the pandemic was that I couldn't go get a martini so I had to learn how to make a martini and now I only want to drink my own martinis. 
Baker also admitted that he's become somewhat of a martini snob and can instantly tell what a professional mixologist did wrong when preparing his. 

Q: What has been the biggest accomplishment in your career so far?

Baker: I would say when I was invited to the White House Correspondents' Dinner just this last year. I started my career as an entertainment journalist, so I was covering red carpets and all these cool events but I never thought I would be able to go to an event where the president of the United States is at and all these people that I've looked up to my entire career would be in the same room with me…My husband was there also and also my colleagues, like Megan Pratz, were there too. So, it was this amazing moment that I'll probably remember for the rest of my life.

Q: What do you think is the biggest misconception the general public has when it comes to putting together a newscast?

Baker: I would think maybe how easy they [think] it is…I don't think people realize how much work from producers, to writers, to graphics, to all of those things that go into it. They only see the people that are on television [and] I think they just don't realize how much planning and work goes into. I'm on group messages planning for Wake Up With Cheddar weeks down the road, already, for segments that we're doing. And when they watch it, it's done and over with in a few minutes but they don't realize how much work went into just preparing for that.
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Updated July 11, 2022 at 9:19 am. ET to correct the spelling of Megan Pratz's name.]
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