By Jim Roberts

A marriage between a mortgage company and an esports expansion team may not immediately seem to be a no-brainer, but for Quicken Loans Chief Marketing Officer Casey Hurbis, that’s exactly what it felt like when he connected with 100 Thieves and its owner, esports legend “Nadeshot.”

“We found a partner that we could absolutely align with right off the bat,” Hurbis said in an interview with Cheddar’s Jon Steinberg at the Esports Business Summit in Las Vegas. “We met 100 Thieves and quite honestly it was an easy conversation once we got to know each other a little bit.”

“We’re both very tech-forward,” he said. “At Quicken Loans, we’re a fintech company, tech forward, always looking to innovate. And here was a team that was coming into the league as an expansion team with an owner that is one of the most famous gaming personalities in Nadeshot,” otherwise known as Matthew Haag.

According to Hurbis, Quicken was attracted to Haag’s vision for his League of Legends franchise as a lifestyles brand, “going into content, a clothing line, and now we’re starting to see expansion, going into the other leagues, like Fortnite.”

Quicken’s online brand Rocket Mortgage was 100 Thieves’s first major sponsor. As part of the partnership, the company is sponsoring the 100 Thieves’s Team House, a luxury home and training facility in Venice, Calif. The home was designed to help players develop their skills while giving them access to nutritionists, personal trainers, and sports psychologists.

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