Rachel Zoe, the fashion designer, writer and tastemaker earned her multi-hyphenate status thanks in large part to her popular reality TV series "The Rachel Zoe Project", which ran for five seasons on Bravo.

Now however, Zoe said television isn't all that necessary to build a personal brand and authentically convey to consumers what works and what doesn't because social media is more resonant.

"TV very often is very produced and very scripted," Zoe told Cheddar's Hope King. "This is not scripted. This is just what's really happening, and I think it's important to people for me to really show people real life."

Her Instagram series, "Real Life With Rachel Zoe," recently won a Glossy Award for best use of Instagram.

In an interview with Cheddar sponsored by Netsuite, Zoe attempted to explain how she manages her businesses given all that she does.

"It's just constantly staying on top of what's happening," she said. "Staying on top of what's new, and staying in the conversation all the time."

Zoe's free daily email, "The Zoe Report," reaches more than 14 million readers a month, and her clothing line is available in over 200 stores.

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