In the era of social distancing amid the coronavirus outbreak, actor Rainn Wilson is trying to help people stay connected with the launch of his new show Hey, Human. The Instagram Live series features Wilson chatting with celebrities and interviewing selected viewers from the livestream. 
Wilson, also co-founder of media company SoulPancake that produces the show, discussed with Cheddar on Thursday how he is coping with social distancing through the production. 
"The fact that you could select a human being from the viewers and bring them on the show to talk about their experience, I thought what better way to spread joy and connectivity between people," The Office actor said, feeling he had to do something to create community amid stay-at-home orders across the country. 
The host also invited some of his former castmates from The Office television series and other special guests to discuss how they are getting by in their new quarantined realities.
"It's really to see what is working for you. What is bringing you solace, what is bringing you joy, what is keeping you connected, so that you can be entertained and you can laugh while watching the show," he said. 
People stuck at home, including celebrities, have taken advantage of social media as a way to connect with people during this crisis, and Wilson considers it to be "the new form of broadcast."
"It's its own broadcast network," he said. "I just love how it's so informal and it just feels more just connective like you're talking to friends."    
Wilson said Hey, Human is another way he is giving back and uplifting his community. "My philosophy is you do what you can with the life you are given," he said. "I can certainly donate money to causes which I have and continue to do, but the other thing I can do is uplift people, entertain them, make them laugh, and make them feel good."