Real Estate may have an intimidating price tag that keeps many from investing, but crowdfunding platforms are making the asset class more approachable to investors with smaller budgets. Craig Cecilio, CEO & Founder of Diversyfund, an online real estate crowdfunding platform, was with us to explain how his platform is appealing to investors.

The stock market is rewarding investors with significant gains, largely outperforming real estate over the past year. Cecilio gives his case for why investors should allocate money to real estate during a hot stock market. He explains that the crowdfunding platforms offers investors a diverse portfolio of assets that average joes wouldn't normally be able to afford.

With 30,000 users and over $100 million invested, Diversyfund is working to make investing in alternative assets as easy as trading stocks and bonds. Currently, the minimum investment is $5,000. Within a few months, the company plans to cut that down to just $500.