Your Cheddar host Tim Stenovec sits down with Lynnette Khalfani-Cox, Founder of at FinCon in Dallas, Texas to talk about getting out of debt. Khalfani-Cox was once in $100,000 worth of debt because she was what she calls a "classic overspender." In order to get that debt down to zero, she had to readjust her spending habits, renegotiate interest rates, pay more than the minimum owed, and use work bonuses and tax returns for paying off debt. Khalfani-Cox strongly suggests to always pay your credit card bills on time, even if it is the minimum payment. She says this will give you leverage to negotiate those interest rates and keep your credit score up. Some of her debt was student loans, and she advises people to be aggressive in paying them off. She wasn't, and that's what put her in a bit of a hole financially. She suggests looking for other alternatives to even taking out a student loan. A lot of people think that's just the default strategy but she says there are 5 other things to think of: scholarships, grants, paid internships, work study, and family resources.