Television is in the middle of a full-on reboot revolution, and the stars of Pop TV's comedy series "Hollywood Darlings" have a warning for producers: Not all classics should be revived.

The actresses Jodie Sweetin, Beverley Mitchell, and Christine Lakin, can claim their own spots in the 1990s nostalgia cannon. Sweetin played the precocious Stephanie Tanner for eight years on the ABC comedy "Full House," and another three seasons in the Netflix reboot. Mitchell starred in "7th Heaven," and Lakin was on "Step by Step."

All three now play exaggerated versions of themselves in "Hollywood Darlings," the improvised comedy series, now in its second season. It's part of a post-"Roseanne" TV landscape that's put a premium on throwback entertainment.

"I would totally reboot it," said Lakin about the sitcom "Step by Step," which ran from 1991 to 1998. She said that she's thought about what her character, the middle child Al Lambart, would be up to now ー all grown up, divorced mom of three, and dating a man with three kids of his own. "Kind of like what she's grown up with, but it's in a totally different vibe," said Lakin.

Mitchell, who played Lucy Camden-Kinkirk on "7th Heaven" and appeared on all 242 of its episodes, is all-in on a reboot of that WB series. "I love the idea of the family television and also bringing back the glory days of what we did," she said.

Cheddar put all three co-stars to the test in a game of "Reboot or Resist," to see which shows they'd bring back . They agree "The Nanny" and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" could recapture their ratings magic with a modern audience. "Cheers" and "Friends," they say, are best left to streaming and rerun glory.

"Hollywood Darlings" airs Wednesday nights on Pop TV.

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