Red Lobster's CEO Isn't Worried by Switzerland's Live Lobster Ban

January 23, 2018

Red Lobster’s CEO says Switzerland’s ban on live boiling of lobsters is a good thing for the industry.

“We agree with Switzerland, and we’re glad they finally caught on,” Kim Lopdrup told Cheddar. “We, for decades, have actually trained our culinary professionals how to humanely end a lobster’s life, moments before you cook it.”

The Swiss government announced earlier this month that the practice of boiling the crustaceans while they’re alive will be illegal, effective March 2018. To make the process more humane, lobsters will have to be stunned first.

The alternate process, currently used by Red Lobster, involves rapidly pinching behind the lobster carapace moments before cooking it. Lodrup says that this process ensures that seafood lovers will eat the “freshest lobster” they’d ever eat.

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