Congresswoman Barbara Lee talks with Cheddar's Baker Machado about the Trump Administration's recent rhetoric on affirmative action, referring to it as "sad" and a "disgrace" to those who are victims of systemic racism. Representative Lee notes Attorney General Sessions' "history of bigotry" and how she is not surprised that the AG would move resources for an endeavor like this. We also talk the latest GOP healthcare failure with Lee giving credit to the "resistance" in its fight to defeat the bill. And will Democrats work with Republicans on amendments to the ACA? The Congresswoman says "absolutely" and that has been their goal all along. Lastly we talk to Lee about her decades-long fight to repeal AUMF - the law that gives the President unilateral power to begin war. Congresswoman Lee discusses the hurdles she has faced in her fight to end the law, including a recent one with the Speaker of the House.