Republican Congressman Dave Brat represents the seventh district of Virginia. We spoke with him about the retirement of his colleague, Congressman Darrell Issa (R-CA). Congressman Brat says it is sad news to hear his colleague is retiring, but wishes him the best. On Immigration reform, Congressman Brat said he was happy that President Trump allowed Americans to see the bipartisan negotiations going on about the issues. He believes the issue with the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program is that millions will be on the pathway to citizenship, which may harm the American worker, and lead to many people being on welfare. The Congressman added that comprehensive immigration reform is a very complicated issue that will take time to get right. As a former economics professor, Congressman Brat is confident the Republican tax bill will benefit the American economy, and spur economic growth. He believes Middle Class Americans are not well-informed on the benefits of the bill. One reason there is confusion, he says, is that the Senate and House made a series of separate changes, and the end result is unclear. This is a midterm election year, and the Congressman, who beat an incumbent back in 2014, will likely face a tough race. Congressman Brat believes he can retain his seat if he "tells the truth" and "stays principled" on what he believes in.