Parkland, Fla., students calling for stricter gun laws will be heard at the polls, according to one Florida congresswoman.

“People are going to be hard-pressed running for office this year [if they] are not for real solutions that include making sure that we get weapons of war out of the hands of civilians,” said Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL).

“Voters need to make sure that...if we can’t get these kinds of laws passed to protect our people, then we need to elect people across this country who will.”

The Valentine’s Day attack has led to a wave of activism from students both in Parkland and across the nation. Some right-leaning politicians have softened their stance, expressing support for stronger background checks, banning “bump stocks”, and increasing the legal age limit for purchasing a gun.

But Wasserman Schultz says words are not enough. She vows that she and her Democratic colleagues will “hold the Republican majority’s feet to the fire.”

While the GOP does currently hold an advantage in both houses of Congress, some pundits believe that Democrats could regain a lead in this year’s midterms in November.

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