Cheddar's J.D. Durkin catches up with Representative Colleen Hanabusa of Hawaii in Washington D.C. The Democratic congresswoman looks back at the president's trip to Asia, which started in her state of Hawaii. She says she was surprised at all the protests accompanying the president's visit, saying they're not something you see often in the state. She cites Hawaii's allegiance to native son Barack Obama as the reason her constituents are so passionately opposed to anything that could threaten his legacy. Then we discuss the president's ongoing back-and-forth with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un. Congresswoman Hanabusa says she was amazed by the president's measured tone during his trip to Asia. Trump's rhetoric got more combative once he left the Korean Peninsula, and the representative says she's glad he waited to ramp things up before leaving the immediate area. Finally, we tackle Congress' looming tax reform battle. Hanabusa says the main doubt she has about the GOP tax plan is that she's not sure how the country is going to pay for all of its proposals. She says she's "very concerned" thinking of her own constituents, many of them senior citizens to whom Medicare and Medicaid "mean a lot."