Rep. Joe Kennedy III says millennial voters will be the defining factor in this year’s midterm elections.

“Regardless of whatever your political leanings are, you got to make your voice heard,” the Democrat from Massachusetts told Cheddar. “Waiting for a politician to try and come around and court you? That's not the way any of this should go. Go out there and demand their voice. Go out there and organize, activate, and demand that you get heard.”

Kennedy, a 37-year-old political scion, delivered the Democratic response to this year’s State of the Union. Some of his speeches have gone viral, and he has amassed more than a million followers across social media platforms.

The congressman says he empathizes with young adults who don’t yet understand how political policies may affect them or don’t act because they’ve “got a lot on their plate.”

But in the same breath he insists millennials go out and vote, warning that future concerns ranging from student loans to the deficit to climate change will all “fall on their shoulders.”