Texas Congressman Beto O'Rourke, a Democrat, joined Cheddar to discuss the ongoing fight to save the Dreamers Act, also known as DACA.

He mentioned his recent conversations with dozens of undocumented immigrants who came to the States as children, noting that their biggest concerns are losing their jobs, their homes, and the communities they have built for themselves. In addition, they also want their families to be safe, and do not want to benefit at the cost of their family's immigration status.

If a fix is not agreed upon by next March, 800,000 Dreamers will be at risk of losing their homes in the U.S. Therefore, Rep. O'Rourke mentioned the immigration legislation which he introduced, and encourages protesters to continue pushing the conversation, so that politicians can listen to them.

We also spoke with the O'Rourke about his fight to take on Ted Cruz for his Senate seat in 2018. He recently came under scrutiny for his decision to leave the House and try for the Senate in a state that tends to lean Republican.

During the conversation, O'Rourke made his case for why his policies on healthcare and job creation are better for the people of Texas. He said that he's excited to be part of a historic race, taking on a multi-term Senator like Cruz.