Rather than learning to cook or garden like the rest of us, Ricky Martin spent his quarantine creating his new digital entertainment company. 
The Latin singer and his team at Martin Music Lab believe they've found the future of sound: Orbital Audio. It's an immersive, patent-pending audio technique, which is touted as advancing the headphone listening experience. 
Martin compared the new sound technology to going from black and white to color on our televisions. "We are right here holding in our hands what would be the future of music, how people are going to want to listen to music from now on. It's very special. It's us being able to grab, literally, track for track, instrument for instrument, and make it travel around your head if you are using any pair of headphones," the singer told Cheddar on Friday. 
His digital entertainment company is about healing, Martin revealed, as people are all navigating a new normal amid the pandemic. That's why he said he wanted to "create something through music we can maybe address some mental issues that we are dealing with at the moment and in society in general."
The "Latin Music King" partnered with music mix engineer Jaycen Joshua and music engineer Michael Seaberg for Orbital Audio, which has already caught the attention of other stars. A$AP Rocky, Residente, Bad Bunny, and Myke Towers have all signed on to work with Martin Music Lab.
"One of our future goals is to basically make this technology accessible to lots and lots of producers and engineers and just the general user," Seaberg said. He emphasized how this audio technique can make it seem as though the sound is right next to you. 
The audio technique will be accessible and also could be utilized outside of the music industry, for any type of audio entertainment from movies to gaming. 
Martin joked that his twin boys were shocked at the idea that Orbital Audio could be used in playing Fortnite. "At the end of the day, we can have a very beautiful, more than $10,000 [worth of] equipment in our home for great sound, but the idea here with Orbital Audio is to be able to bring that to your ears," Martin said. 
To get a sense of how the audio technology works, Martin fans can hear it for themselves through his re-mastered Pausa tracks.