WeWork is going to have eight entrepreneurs compete for a $1 million grand prize. Warmilu, a warming technology company, will be vying for a chance to take home the money. Grace Hsia, CEO of Warmilu, was with us to explain why her company was chosen to compete and how the prize would help Warmilu accomplish its mission.

Warmilu manufactures US patent-protected warming technology able to generate warmth with the press of a disk that lasts for hours and can be reused up to 100 times through boiling or autoclaving. Hsia shares how she is using the technology to help save the lives of infants in resource-scarce regions such as Africa. The warming tech is integrated into IncuBlankets, which is an alternative infant incubator to reduce preterm infant death.

Warmilu is working to bring its technology to products outside medical. Hsia showcases outdoor recreation hunting seat cushions to demonstrate how the heating technology works. On top of saving lives, Warmilu had $110,000 in total sales during 2017.