Robb Report just released its 34th annual Ultimate Gift Guide. Managing Director David Arnold joins Cheddar to reveal some of the most luxurious items and experiences featured in the issue. He also shares how the publication went about curating this year's big-ticket gifts.

Arnold tells us all about a multi-million dollar yachting experience presented by Ritz Carlton. The hotel group is chartering exclusive at-sea voyages, and Robb Report is showcasing one for you and up to 297 friends. We also get a look at a six-figure watch whose design is based on a clock displayed in The White House.

Travelers can get excited about a five-day trip to the Nayara Springs Hotel in Costa Rica. The stay is complete with the opportunity to create a custom blend of coffee. Car lovers will love the opportunity to customize a bespoke 2018 Rolls Royce Phantom with the company's CEO at its UK headquarters.