Middleweight boxer Luis Arias is taking on Daniel Jacobs in HBO's World Championship Boxing match on Saturday. He joined Cheddar to discuss why he is a formidable contender to the "Miracle Man" many might consider the favorite.

“I’ve been fighting my whole life," Arias said. “This is just another fight to me." But being the pro boxer’s first main event, the biggest of his life, he did have to step up his training a bit. He acknowledges that it's going to take a lot of work, but he plans to make it a “gritty, ugly, rough” fight for Jacobs.

“Jacobs is a runner, he just likes to box,” Arias said. “I’m coming to fight, I’m a warrior.”

Jacobs, who has 32 wins, 29 by knockout, and 2 losses, has said his goal for Saturday's match-up is “to simply be the superstar inside the ring.”

Arias, however, feels greatly underestimated by Jacobs. He currently has 18 wins, 9 by way of knockout, and no losses. The fighter says that Jacobs may be the more recognizable boxer while he remains relatively unknown, but he thinks this fight will give him great exposure.

Arias took the opportunity to taunt and respond to his opponent, saying,“He’s made comment about how he’s going to knock me out, well come knock me out then.”

The fight will be aired live on HBO on Saturday at 10 pm ET.