By: Madison Alworth

It's summer, which means it's rosé season. The pink drink is popping up everywhere from bars to Instagram feeds. And one company is trying to capitalize on the summertime favorite.

Bev launched in May with a brand new canned product catering to millennial women. It started as a passion project for CEO Alix Peabody.

"To get the first product I cashed out my 401K and bought a bunch of rosé," said Peabody, who was previously a financial recruiter.

Some might say it was more than "a bunch"ーPeabody bought 300 gallons of the pink stuff.

Still, Bev has plenty of competition. There's Ruza Rosé, [Babe] (, and Lila just to name a few. Peabody has an idea about why there's so much interest.

"I think a lot of it has to do with millennial culture and people just being generally excited about accessibility and 'un-snobbery,' if you will," she said.

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