Tensions between the U.S. and Russia have had implications beyond the realm of politics and are now spilling into entertainment and pop culture with the nation not participating in the 2023 Academy Awards.
The Russian Film Academy made the decision to not submit any films for the Best International Feature category for the 95th Oscars. The reported announcement of the boycott comes amid Russia's ongoing war with Ukraine, which has further fueled the decline of its relationship with the U.S. But not everyone in Russia is on board with the move.
Pavel Chukhray, the chairman of Russia's nomination committee, resigned from his position in response to the decision. He called the move "illegal," noting as chairman he was not consulted. Chukhray also claimed he wasn't alone in his opposition. Alexi Uchitel, also a member, called for a full discussion on the matter.
"In my opinion, this situation needs to be corrected immediately. It seems to me impossible to make such a decision without the members of the Russian Oscar Committee. My call is to immediately get together with the presidium and then make a decision," he told local outlet TASS, according to Deadline.
Despite rising tensions between the two nations, the move still comes as a bit of a surprise as Russia has routinely submitted works to be considered for Academy awards. However, the country's last win in the Best International Feature category came in 1994 with Nikita Mikhalkov's Burnt By the Sun. 
Mikhalkov, a noted supporter of Putin, backs the reported boycott and said, "It didn't make sense" for the film to be selected to represent Russia in a country that "currently denies its existence."
There were reportedly more than 120 Russian films eligible for nominations this year.