Salma Hayek is the latest A-lister to accuse Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment. Hollywood Life's Bonnie Fuller joins Cheddar to break down the actress' explosive op-ed in The New York Times. The Oscar-nominated star says the alleged actions primarily occurred during production of the 2002 drama, "Frida."

Hayek writes that Weinstein was her own "personal monster." Fuller says the piece shows that the movie mogul's nightmare of a year is far from over. She also discusses the #MeToo movement's entrance into the music industry, with three women accusing producer Russell Simmons of rape.

Finally, we make sense of the conflicting stories surrounding Omarosa Manigault-Newman's departure from her White House role. The former reality star appeared on "Good Morning America" to assert she quit and was not fired. Fuller considers whether the departure could be a sign the president is moving away from his reality-TV roots.