Rumors are swirling that Samsung will reveal its newest Galaxy S9 phone months before the expected release date, now expected to announce it at CES in January. Sean Aune, Editor-in-Chief at TechnoBuffalo, and Michael Simon, Staff Writer at PC World, join Cheddar to discuss why Samsung may have been enticed to show off its new product at CES. Aune says that pressure from Apple and the iPhone X may have had something to do with it, but he doesn't think it was the main reason for the early release. Simon says now that carriers have gotten rid of the contract it doesn't really matter when phone companies release new devices. One major change to the Galaxy S9 is the position of the fingerprint scanner. It's rumored to now be placed beneath the camera sensor, instead of right next to it. This will hopefully make it easier for users to feel it out with their fingers. There is no word yet on pricing for the new phone. What it won't have is a 3D facial recognition feature like the iPhone X. Simon says he actually doesn't want phone companies to rush into adding that feature. He would rather they take a few releases to perfect the technology. He also believes that the Samsung Galaxy S8 is one of the top 5 phones on the market, so he expects the S9 to be just as good. When it comes to the battle of Android vs. iOS users, Aune doesn't believe people will jump ship from whatever side they're on. He thinks at this point people have found the platform they like and will continue to buy phones that support it. He doesn't expect many Samsung people to cross over and buy an iPhone or vice versa.