Cheddar has been covering the biggest news of the week with some of the biggest names. In case you missed it, we've pulled together some of the highlights that will keep you informed as we get ready for the week ahead.

Sanya Richards-Ross Talks RHOA

Cheddar started the week on the fast track with Olympic gold medalist Sanya Richards-Ross. The former track star and current color commentator stopped by Cheddquarters to talk about her transition from the race course to becoming the newest member of Bravo's Real Housewives of Atlanta. While the show has gained popularity over the last 14 seasons for the shade thrown and messiness the cast often finds itself falling into, Richards-Ross said she was intentional about creating a real sisterhood with castmates. "People keep asking which one is harder: the Olympics or the Housewives. I'm still not sure," she told Cheddar.

Seth Goldman's Eat the Change

Honest Tea co-founder and former CEO Seth Goldman joined Cheddar this week to talk about one of his newer companies, Eat the Change, and its goals to reduce pollution through diet. Founded in 2020, Goldman said one of the goals of the snack-maker is to reduce the impact the food industry has on climate change. Among the products Eat the Change offers are carrot-based gummies. "We really set out to create a company that focused on climate change as part of the diet, recognizing that what we eat is our single biggest impact on the planet," Goldman told Cheddar. He also announced the launch of a new iced tea through Eat the Change as Coca-Cola is set to discontinue Honest Tea by the end of the year.

Craig Robinson Gets Animated

Actor Craig Robinson also passed through Cheddar this week. The comedian talked about his movie The Bad Guys, which was released in theaters earlier this year. Many may be familiar with his comedic chops from previous films like Hot Tub Time Machine and Pineapple Express, as well as his TV role in The Office, but he said he's able to take his comedy to another level when he's only using his voice for animated projects like The Bad Guys. "You use your entire body because you're in there and there's no limits, really. You're having a blast, and it's just you. So you get to do all these different takes and different ways and try all these things, so it's a lot of fun actually," he told Cheddar. Robinson also talked about the first season of the Peacock series, Killing It, and why it was his most challenging role to date.

Sarah Michelle Gellar on Buffy, Wells Fargo

Twenty-five years after its debut, there was a Buffy the Vampire Slayer sighting at Cheddar this week! Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar stopped by to talk about the reception the show continues to garner from new audiences. "I think as an actor, you hope to do something that stands the test of time, that still holds up, especially right now because I believe that we're watching television with a very different lens, an extremely critical lens, and the fact that the themes and what we were trying to say with the show still holds up. I mean that's incredible," Gellar told Cheddar. She also talked about her partnership with Wells Fargo and the Active Cash campaign, which was inspired by a pandemic-fueled drop-off in consumer spending over the last two years.