USA Network's latest period drama "Damnation" is an epic saga about the 1930s in America's heartland. Sarah Jones sits down with Alyssa Julya Smith to talk about her role as the preacher's wife Amelia Davenport in the series.

Jones, who spent a few months last year filming the series in Canada, describes her character as a strong, female lead. She says Amelia is the brains behind a lot of what is happening with her husband. This epic saga, set in Iowa, is described as a story of twisted redemption.

Jones describes Amelia as someone who is trying to stop injustices committed against the working class. Jones comments on the wardrobe and the many layers women would have to wear, commenting on the time it takes to get dressed. She also makes some parallels to the current day and the importance of understanding history to not repeat the same mistakes. "Damnation" airs on Thursdays on USA Network.