Dan Kinton, Vice President of Marketing & Sales at Topps, and Diane Karle, CEO of Wine by Design, join Cheddar to discuss getting into business with the MLB. Topps is the official baseball card company for the MLB and Wine by Design is the official wine distributor. Kinton explains how Topps creates baseball cards after significant moments during games and sells them on the ToppsNow platform for only 24 hours. When Bartolo Colon hit a home run, the company sold almost 9,000 cards with his picture on it. And what does wine have to do with baseball? Over 50 million baseball fans consider themselves wine drinkers, which is why Wine by Design offers specialized wine labels for your favorite team. To date, the company has released 23 team-branded wines in 34 states. Both companies also discuss how to work with major sports leagues and explain what some of the benefits to having the MLB as a partner are to business.