“Black Panther” is set to open this weekend with Disney anticipating an opening weekend of $150 million at the box office. Alyssa Julya Smith sits down with Screen Junkies Editor-in-chief Roth Cornet to discuss how the film is helping with diversity in Hollywood as well as what to expect this year at the Oscar's with the Time's Up and #metoo movement. Roth argues that films like "Black Panther" and "A Wrinkle in Time" could signal a shift in the industry that could lead to more and more lead roles for underrepresented groups in big budget blockbusters. She also discusses women as another underrepresented group in Hollywood, as only four women have directed a live-action film with a budget over $100 million, and how the studios that are making efforts to invest in more female filmmakers.

The Time’s Up and Me Too movements have been a huge topic of conversation when it comes to women in film, and Cornet discusses the impact the movement is making in Hollywood, as well as what we can expect at the Oscars this year in support of the movement.

Finally, she discusses the effect Moviepass has had on the streaming and theater industry and the constant changes the company is making as more and more people opt to purchase the monthly subscription, including the fact that the company seems to be changing their offerings on a daily basis.