Technology has taken over many aspects of our lives, but it's also changing the game when it comes to real estate. Taylor Wilding, Head of Business Development at roOomy joins Your Future Home to discuss how buying houses via augmented reality is helping homeowners make better decisions.

Wilding explains how augmented reality is being used to search for homes, purchase them and then eventually decorating them. According to the National Association of Realtors, 90% of people can't visualize a house beyond what they see in front of them. Which means many people pass up a great house because they don't like the decor of its current owner. Augmented reality is helping real estate agents show buyers the potential of a house.

Plus, Wilding says staging your home with roOomy or an agmented reality tool could help increase the price 4-20%. It's also a lot easier and faster than calling in a designer to stage the entire home with real furniture.