Today on Cheddar Esports: Sega announces Genesis Mini which will include 40 games; FIFA's Cormac "Doolsta" Dooley secures 3rd EMLS Cup in a seven round penalty shootout. NBA 2K tips off it's second season and Dimer Chief Editor, Will Beverina breaks down the first set of games and the new season match-up's; Overwatch League Caster, Robert "Hex" Kirkbride recaps Overwatch League stage 1 week 5 standings and previews stage 2; and Logitech G's Technical Marketing Manager, Andrew Coonrad celebrates April Fools Day with the announcement of changing their wireless mouse product line to "Hamster" due to lack of wires and tails and reveals a new AI tool called "Play Amazing" that allows you to walk away from your system and it will actually play the game for you. April Fools!