By Hope King

With a record number of women running for Congress in November, a "pink wave" could carry Democrats to a majority and has Senator Kirsten Gillibrand of New York feeling optimistic about a new era of progressive government.

"You’ll have a government that cares about everyone ー that wants people to thrive, to have happy communities, happy families. One that allows everyone to earn their full potential in the workplace,” Gillibrand said in an interview with Cheddar.

After her keynote speech Thursday at the BlogHer18 conference in New York, Gillibrand, one of the the state's two Democratic Senators, described what America might look like if more women were in political power: paid family leave, equal pay for equal work, affordable daycare, universal pre-k, job training, and resolution of college-loan debt.

"So many things I think a Democratic Congress can do given the chance," she said.

Based on the results from this week's primary elections in Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, and Washington, the two major parties will field at least 185 female candidates for the House in November, according to the Center for Women and Politics and Rutgers University. That number could still rise with more primaries to come. There are also 13 women running for the Senate.

"I’m really hopeful," Gillibrand said. "These women who are running are passionate ー they’re on fire. They believe in what they’re doing, they’re taking risks, they’re fighting as hard as they can."

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