In a speech on the Senate Floor this morning, Senator Al Franken (D-MN) tendered his resignation. This came after a number of Democratic Senators called on Franken to resign, following mutual accusations of sexual misconduct by multiple women. Senator Franken's decision could have rippling effects on the ongoing policy battle over tax reform.

Jack Holmes, Associate Editor at Esquire, explains the impact Senator Franken's decision could have in the Senate. Until Minnesota holds a special election next November, it is likely the Lieutenant Governor will take Senator Franken's place. When November 2018 rolls around, Minnesotans will go to the polls not only to elect Senator Franken's long-term replacement, but also to vote on Minnesota's other Senate seat currently held by Senator Amy Klobuchar (D).

Holmes also weighs in on the controversy surrounding Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore. In Senator Franken's resignation speech, he cited the irony that he was resigning while Roy Moore had the full support of the Republican Party, despite being accused of child molestation.