By Justin Chermol

In the midst of a trade dispute between the United States and China, 2020 hopeful and Massachusetts Democrat, Rep. Seth Moulton, wants to build a "cyber wall" to "stop China from stealing our ideas."

"My message would be we’re not gonna put up with this anymore," Moulton told Cheddar's Hope King at the Milken Conference.

"We are gonna be a tough negotiating partner. Not just on trade. But on issues of national security. We’re gonna build a cyber wall instead of a southern border wall because we’re gonna stop China from stealing our ideas."

China's theft of American intellectual property has been a focal point of the ongoing trade conflict. This week, Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou will be fighting a U.S. extradition case at a court in Vancouver. The telecom giant has been under the strict scrutiny of U.S. officials, including the president, over allegations that it moonlights as a spying network for the Chinese government.

"What is an economic threat to the United States is the fact that China is continually conducting cyberattacks, cyber espionage, stealing our ideas, stealing our military secrets, and we are not doing anything to stop it," Moulton said.

In a crowded field of Democratic contenders, Moulton has attempted to cast himself as the national security candidate. The 40-year-old Iraq War veteran is also staking a claim in a new space race.

"Space is a reality. It’s a great opportunity for us, it’s a commercial opportunity, but it’s also a national security threat," he said. "And there is a real risk that Russia and China are going to get ahead of us there."

Unlike President Trump, however, Moulton does not see a need for a Space Force.

"Where do you even draw the line between the air force and space force?," Moulton said.

"I do think we should have a consideration by the way about a separate cyber force."

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