The city of Memphis is preparing to discipline at least seven additional police officers who were involved in the killing of Tyre Nichols.
City Attorney Jennifer Sink made the announcement during a press conference on Tuesday. Six officers have already lost their jobs as a result of internal investigations that found they had violated police policy. 
The officers will receive a statement of charges, which details policy violations and then will receive a decision on the status of their careers. Those charges are not criminal but instead internal.
As for the five officers who are facing criminal charges in Nichols' death, a state commission will decide if they are allowed to work for any law enforcement agency in the country after losing their jobs in Memphis.
In addition to being caught by street surveillance cameras, former officer Demetrius Haley admitted to taking pictures of Nichols' battered body while he was handcuffed. The investigation found that he sent those pictures to at least six other people, including a civilian woman.
Documents also revealed that officers were bragging and laughing about the violent assault. All of the former officers had provided inconsistent accounts of what had transpired that night and none of the information provided aligned with the injuries Nichols sustained. At least one officer lied in his official statement in an attempt to justify the beating and said Nichols reached for his holstered gun.